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We’ve canvassed a cross section of Directors and have identified a serious blind-spot in Board reporting with regards to leadership and culture. 

Generally speaking Board-packs are made up of financials, strategic updates, transformation reviews etc but very few Directors are provided with ongoing, trend based analysis into key people metrics such as Leadership Capability, Cultural Alignment, Diversity, Inclusion, Health and/or Wellbeing.  Issues that are now front and centre for Governance teams as recently highlighted by the legal and banking industries.

Organisations have traditionally focused on customer experience (CX), yet CX is only as good as the people that deliver it.  At EXpotential we are focused on the Employee Experience (EX), that is the touchpoints and ‘moments that matter’ to employees, because it is EX that drives CX which in turn drives shareholder returns.

EX requires insight, understanding and leadership which in turn relies on feedback to create continuous improvement:  

  1. A dialogue must to be opened with employees in a trusting and transparent manner
  2. This dialogue must be regular and ongoing

Without feedback and measurement organisations cannot manage culture and leadership, let alone optimise it.  EX is gaining huge momentum globally and whilst it’s not as ubiquitous as the traditional annual engagement score, it soon will be when global trends are adopted in New Zealand.

Consider this question when assessing CEO and Executive performance, “If our people had a voice, if we started measuring and regularly reporting on EX, what insights would be forthcoming in relation to culture, purpose, belonging and trust”.  Barometers that form the heart of EX and by definition the heart of any organisation.

EXpotential is a tool for leaders, particularly Governors and Executives to develop an optimal EX that drives shareholder value.