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Predictive analytics, machine learning and AI impact so many aspects of our lives, however they are so well integrated, it’s hard to tell when they’re working away in the background. But when it comes to making our workplaces more focused on Employee Experience do these algorithms need to be more overt?

We all know about Netflix recommending shows to watch, Amazon telling us what to buy next and those products that miraculously turn up on your social media feed after what feels like a millisecond since you spoke to your best friend about them.

But what about using this technology to make our work lives better?

I have this conversation everyday, not just with Leaders and HR practitioners , but with people from all types of functional backgrounds.

Typically speaking, when looking through the employee lens, most organisations haven’t picked up the mantle put down by the Customer Experience (CX) juggernaut.  Whilst customer journey mapping, creating customer personas and using all the Post-it-Notes is power for the cause in this realm, this has not transferred over to the Employee Experience (EX) world with anywhere near as much gusto.

To explore this I asked our newest hire, Nav Rao, who has a huge amount of experience not only developing full stack solutions for clients, but he is also an accomplished marketer, about his views on why this hasn’t happened.

His reply was simple, “measurement and prediction”.  The underlying premise of the CX world is that everything is measured. Who was sent what, where they are at in a conversion funnel, what’s in their cart, what their last transaction/ interaction was – these are the cornerstones of this world.  Customer journey mapping tells people what to change, iterate and experiment with, but at the end of the day – where to focus and what to measure. 

From there, moving from ‘measure’ to ‘predict’ is a short jump, something Google, AWS and Microsoft are more than happy to help us with.

So back to my daily questioning.  One question I love to ask is, “Why is it that the effort that goes into CX hasn’t been applied to EX?”  

This always leads to a great conversation, particularly when you accept that CX relies on EX, without excellent and motivated people CX is dead in the water!  In fact Blake Morgan has been advocating this since 2015.

We would argue that part of the reason is that we have been measuring the wrong things.  Our belief is that we need to be listening to our Employees about their experiences.  Simply put, do these experiences add or subtract from the overall experience of working at ABC Ltd, with the ultimate measure being, do people stay longer and perform better or are they performing worse and/or  leaving more quickly based on these experiences.

Now, back to my opening comment.

Making AI, Predictive Analytics and Machine Learning more overt, as in more obvious in the workplace, may or may not be the answer. However, showing organisations the impact their current world is having on their EX and modeling what better outcomes they can get by listening to their employees (e.g. decreased attrition rates), via some of these tools, certainly should be!

If you want to learn more about our integrated approach to understanding EX and combining this with predictive analytics, then drop us a line today!