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This article was spurred by one of our advisors that recently led an offshore capital raise for us.  When describing our platform to him before we went to market, he very quickly, and astutely, applied a top down view from the board room table.  His comment was so very apt, “So you’re telling me you can circumvent the 8 eight lane superhighway of good news and the Himalayan goat track of bad news?”.  With smiles on our faces, we replied “Yes, yes we can.”

What our advisor was referring to was the ability to gain insights into employee’s perceptions on an ongoing basis, therefore creating a constant trend-line on key people metrics.  

We’ve all seen the traditional employee engagement survey, that take months to get the results back from and when you do, the numbers are served up in static presentations and are tied to generic business drivers.  The conversation that ensues in the Board Room, across the Executive Team and within Leadership groups ultimately focuses on the results with a short term view, not because anyone wants to, but because it’s the only choice.  

The reasons for this are systemic – not having ongoing measurement means 1) context prevails and 2) change becomes slow and lethargic. No wonder that according to McKinsey, 70% of digital transformations fail.

Whilst context is relevant, and important, it is also easy to keep viewing things through the same looking glass, and looking into the past, but not the now.  By increasing cadence and the speed at which results are available, context can be data driven and reflect current state, allowing for better decisions to be made, driving an ongoing ‘organic’ change processes that have a better chance of succeeding.

In short, access to a data driven approach to understanding your employee’s perceptions with more regular sampling creates accurate feedback loops from which to make the best decisions and drive your business forward.

Even if things aren’t great, why wait for hear about it on the Himalayan goat track that takes 10 times as long to get to you!