EX and Employee Retention

We all know that excessive employee turnover cripples businesses.  To help organisations avoid this we build predictive models that show them which groups of people have the highest attrition risk.  This allows them to put interventions in place that specifically deal with the causes of attrition, therefore lowering the risk of high employee turnover. How do we do this? As we know, every organisation is different which means that using benchmarked data only goes so far.  Understanding a percent turnover number has value, however it is a lag indicator and doesn’t show the reasons for the turnover. At EXpotential we … Read More

EX in the Legal Sector

The legal profession has been consistently in the limelight for all the wrong reasons over the last few years.  From the Bazely and NZ Law Society reports through to the recent release of research from the International Bar Association.  All the numbers tell us that sexual harassment and bullying has become more common place than anyone would like. The reasons for these statistics are complex and varied.  However, when we look at the problem through an Employee Experience (EX) lens, we believe that some of the traditional power imbalances across gender, age and front vs back office, can be broken … Read More

EX and Predictive Analytics

Predictive analytics, machine learning and AI impact so many aspects of our lives, however they are so well integrated, it’s hard to tell when they’re working away in the background. But when it comes to making our workplaces more focused on Employee Experience do these algorithms need to be more overt? We all know about Netflix recommending shows to watch, Amazon telling us what to buy next and those products that miraculously turn up on your social media feed after what feels like a millisecond since you spoke to your best friend about them. But what about using this technology … Read More

What’s in your Board pack?

We’ve canvassed a cross section of Directors and have identified a serious blind-spot in Board reporting with regards to leadership and culture.  Generally speaking Board-packs are made up of financials, strategic updates, transformation reviews etc but very few Directors are provided with ongoing, trend based analysis into key people metrics such as Leadership Capability, Cultural Alignment, Diversity, Inclusion, Health and/or Wellbeing.  Issues that are now front and centre for Governance teams as recently highlighted by the legal and banking industries. Organisations have traditionally focused on customer experience (CX), yet CX is only as good as the people that deliver it.  … Read More

Himalayan Goat Tracks and Employee Experience

This article was spurred by one of our advisors that recently led an offshore capital raise for us.  When describing our platform to him before we went to market, he very quickly, and astutely, applied a top down view from the board room table.  His comment was so very apt, “So you’re telling me you can circumvent the 8 eight lane superhighway of good news and the Himalayan goat track of bad news?”.  With smiles on our faces, we replied “Yes, yes we can.” What our advisor was referring to was the ability to gain insights into employee’s perceptions on … Read More