We are the leading platform for measuring and improving
the Employee Experience (EX)

EXpotential drives business success by giving you insights into your leaders capability, your culture, and the entire EX. This allows you to maximize your competitive advantage and drive bottom line performance.

Our next generation platform is built on the following principles

Leadership drives EX, which drives Engagement

We define EX as the accumulation of decisions in an organisation that results in "how we do things around here". If you want to increase engagement and productivity - focus on your leaders and EX.
Timely feedback drives performance

The highest performers constantly seek feedback. The more immediate and regular the feedback, the bigger the step changes in performance
Constant communication is critical

Open and honest communication is central to high performing businesses, but the real power is in the questions you ask.

"Feedback is the killer app"

Bersin by Deloitte

How EXpotential works

  1. Everyone in your organisation regularly completes our survey on their mobile

  2. Each quarter we report on the strength of your EX and leaders using our cutting edge reporting suite

  3. Our algorithms match your progress to real business outcomes giving you absolute insight into how to move your organisation forward

A unique set of features and benefits


Create a Leadership and EX Flywheel

We continuously emphasise how leadership and EX are important to your business, expediting leadership development and cultural change.

Bring your own Frameworks

We use John Spence's Leadership and Culture frameworks, however our platform can be adapted to fit the models you use.

Truly understand your Leadership Bench Strength

Engagement can't be improved without understanding your leaders strengths and weaknesses.


Real time insights

Engagement survey data has a small shelf life. Our platform takes minutes to complete, giving you almost real time data from which to make decisions.

No Survey Fatigue

Our mobile first model is so simple there is no survey fatigue, leading to more engaged employees and better data collection.

Confidentiality, Transparency and Trust

We share your results with your people in a confidential manner, increasing the ownership they have in developing their leadership skills and the culture of the business

Our 4 point plan drives success

  • Stage 1: Baseline Diagnosis

    Firstly, select the framework you want to use, be it ours, or yours. We then optimise our platform to fit your needs and drive the best insights possible. We then begin surveying your organisation – 4 minutes or less every 4 weeks is all it takes. Every 12 weeks you will get a complete view of your leadership and EX footprint.

  • Stage 2: Gap Analysis

    The confidential data we collect drives our bespoke reporting suite. Use our dashboards, or cut your data to analyse your results – It’s easier than using a spreadsheet. We also provide simple, easy to understand reports to share with your business, further increasing buy-in.

  • Stage 3: Take Action

    Our reporting will allow you to implement initiatives that target specific areas of your leadership and EX development. If you need support, our Consulting Partners are here to help.

  • Stage 4: Repeat and Measure you Success

    Our reporting allows you to track the impact of your initiatives over time and overlay this with key business metrics such as employee turnover, revenue and/or profit – giving your Executive Team and Board absolute clarity into your business.

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