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Finally, a way to target and increase Employee Engagement

Why is Employee Experience so important?

Employee Experience reflects the experiences you provide your people across your employee lifecycle from pre-hire to retire.  It is these experiences that impact your people and their engagement, ultimately driving your Customer Experience (CX) and Shareholder Returns.

Employee Experience is a cutting edge approach that creates a bottom up dialogue with your people that lead to deeper insights into how you can positively impact engagement, productivity and retention 

Employee Experience is the missing link to drive engagement

On average, 85% of the workforce is not actively engaged (read more)

Employee Experience drives productivity

Companies that invest in EX have four times the average profit and more than two times the average revenue than those that don’t (read more)

Employee Experience creates dialogue with your people

Employees who feel their voice is heard are 4.6 times more likely to feel empowered to perform their best work (read more)

Pinpoint the specific parts of your employee lifecycle you need to improve

We create a bottom up dialogue with your employees so you can identify which experiences are the most important to your people and what you need to change to make biggest impacts.

Ongoing and actionable insights

Use our diagnostic tool to understand where you need to focus by leveraging our impact matrix. We show you where to prioritise the investment of your time and resources to positively increase your employee experience, productivity, engagement and retention.

Once you’ve established a baseline, use our 3 monthly pulse survey to understand how your initiatives are impacting your people over time.

Take a data driven approach

We incorporate your employee experience data with your most important business metrics.

This allows us to track trends over time, identify areas you need to develop and as we get to know you better, we can start predicting the future e.g. building you a predictive employee turnover model.

Custom Surveys

Use our science backed frameworks to measure your employee experience or plug in any of your existing frameworks e.g. your values, or your own leadership or culture frameworks.

We can also provide onboarding/ exit and diversity surveys to give you deeper insights into specific parts of your employee lifecycle.

Impact your business

Clients using our platform have seen increases in engagement, leadership capability, cultural alignment, retention and productivity.

Taking an employee experience approach shows you which levers to pull to positively impact your employee experience and unlock your biggest strategic asset – your people.

Deliver surveys in a way that works for your people

In the real world, not every employee sits in front of a computer all day. We can tailor our delivery methods so they resonate with your people, something that is incredibly important to our Millennial centric workforces.

Our approach leads to typical response rates of well above 70%.

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